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Architecture french polishing (only finishing) Wooden wall panels.
Asian Antique
antique frame restoration Antique gold leaf frame. restoration Toys, Lamp SDHR Art Conservation Painting
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Non toxic chemicals- organic QUALITY
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Professional Associate member American Institute for Conservation

Darius Gubala DARIUS Gubala
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My client : * The family of Albert EINSTEIN * MADONNA (singer) Louise Veronica Ciccone * Mr.Tommy HILFIGER; * 1040 5Ave. Maurice Templesman (Jacqueline KENNEDY Onassis and her maid Marie). LUCIANO PAVAROTTI * Margaux HEMINGWAY * Anne Ascher Beverly Hills  (interior  decorator for the WHITE HOUSE) * Private residence in Greenwich, CN owner of Empire State Building * Taylor Mead son of Andy WARHOL * G.H. Chakkour  (Museum of Modern Art) * BANK of France -Credit Agricole * QUEEN Victoria's daughter’s lute repair * Philanthropists Mr. Carter Burden, the * Earle Vandekar family * Mr. Geller * Elia KAZAN Oscar * Jerome HELMET Oscar winning *Canadian and Swedish consulates, NYC * Charles Gibson  (Channel 7 News) * Tom Britt Interior  designers *yacht Ruderman

antique furniture restored
*Antiques - Restoration Department.1089 Madison AvenueNew York, NY 10028 *Art Antique Restore. 4500 N Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach, FL * Wellington, FL *Greenwich Oriental Art, 7 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT *Ann Ascher Interiors Inc Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA ‎* Guild Antiques Restoration Department 1095 Madison Ave, New York, NY *Eagle Antiques 1097 Madison Ave New York, NY 10028

Tapestry, Needlepoint chairs covers, Flatweave kilims 
and rugs, Embroidery , Flags and banners, Silk textiles, Upholstery panels, Pillows
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Working in your home (not to change the hydration of antiquity),. 200 years technique do not know toxic, no dust, a little alcohol feel. Ps. I work 5 ave and S. Park Ave NYC 20 years

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