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Oil paintings on canvas, wood, bronze, and frames regilding. Chinese paintings on glass



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Currently Department of Restoration and Conservation is restoring.

Old Chinese painting of over a thousand years.

Restore paintings on glass is a very difficult job.

Department meeting for safety and property decide:
1. For safety:
A. Stabilize easel
B. Frame for the glass for safety against any damage to the painting such as resonance, shattering, cracks on the edges of the painting
2. For property we decided on a technique for putting paint on glass:
A. With philosophy of modern restoration someone in the next generation is capable of returning a painting back to its original condition before the restorer. The department decides to use watercolor paint because it removes paint easily.
B. The glass needs to be cleaned from oil.
C. Paint is applied by small point retouching
D. You must check to see the actual color after the paint dries on the reverse of glass.


Restoration of oil paintings and frames
Cleaning to full restorations of paintings on canvas and panel (wood, metal, glas)




Repair holes
Conservation is an aspect of the restorer's work - as it should be - largely invisible
Restretching and varnishing

Frame repair and regilding
Paint loss restoration

Conservators understand that not only the canvas and sizing but also the oil paint could respond to moisture very significantly




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