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American Redgese Chair

Nails and screws where there were non originally can restrict wood expansion and contraction, causing cracks, bubbles or other cosmetic blotches. While this may be the most expedient method, it will not only eventually look unattractive but will increase the rate of future deterioration.

To achieve “rimin non nocere”, the conservateur must respect the natural finish, use color sparingly, and remove old finishes only when absolutely necessary. To respect the integrity of the piece, the conservateur must have a throughout knowledge of finishes to assure not only the correct appearance but a lasting chemical bond with the original surface. Both the use of color and the stripping of old finishes must be done with extreme skill and caution so that the fragile balance which has led to the antique’s longevity and beauty can be maintained.

Damage: broken arms, loose pieces of wood

Treatment: -gluing, retouching, French Polish




1999 Darius Gubala