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To achieve an honest and lasting restoration, there must be a fusion between the technical, artistic, and historical situational aspects of conservation in order to create a unique approach for each restored piece. True restoration begins with intense research which leads down a path of practiced thought that allows for a minimal manipulation of the object, “priming non nicer”.

Antique, Furniture, Restoration, Armoire consisting of 3 segments.
The client is showing a loosened corner of the furniture on the picture.
I split the furniture in two halves and it fitted.
Bronze has unique gold patina. Patina is not mad presently due to environmental protection. When cleaning bronze, must be careful not to scratch off old gold patina
In the back, with 2 pegs in place, there had been just one supporting piece of wood upholding the construction of the back closet. In order not to use fresh wood, I split the peg in 2 parts.
Night vision camera helps to determine it there has not been corrective treatment of the furniture.
French Polish, NYC, Manhattan, Elite, 5 Ave, Park Ave, Conservation, old master, Museum, historical value, Art, repair, restore


After cleaning metal, it takes on a three-dimensional form. One gets the sensation bronze, not look plastic. When cleaning bronze, without gold patina, one should save 90% old patina.