Taylor Mead
American performer, art painter, poet


Taylor Mead last biggest live artist visual art movement known as pop art.
I heave also 2 oil painting for futche sel:
Taylor Mead Andy Warhol
original minimum 24K$ Height:30 Width:24



Taylor Mead Paradise   
Paper copy for sale now minimum 0.99$  Height: 3.4 Width: 4.2 inch (for test market) or
original minimum 24K$ Height:28 Width:22 inches



Art Opening
3 April 2010 Sat. 7 pm
“U” Gallery 221 E 2 St.
New York N.Y. 10009
Tel. 646 221 3712
Taylor Mead 1

"Starred as Tarzan in Andy Warhol's underground movie..."
"Critic J. Hoberman called Mead 'the first underground movie star...'
The Flower Thief, starring Taylor Mead in the Basquiat role and Robert Frank's Pull My Daisy
Jean-Michel Basquiat + SAMO Artist Resource. ... 1960s such as Taylor Mead

Taylor Mead Rob
Taylor Mead 2
Taylor Mead 1
Taylor Mead and Rob Wolter 2009
Taylor Mead 2